Jade Star has a wide range of clients across New Zealand who rely on us to process their payrolls, manage their human resources data, and do it in a timely and reliable manner. We take this responsibility very seriously. We have a number of strategies in place to reduce the impact on clients, in the event of a disaster or other unforeseen adverse event.


Jade Star takes measures to ensure the security & integrity of the production & test environments.


Robust & Resililent

In 2010, the Jade Star production environments were moved from Christchurch to Auckland, with the Christchurch datacentre becoming the secondary datacentre. The geographical separation between the majority of technical resources and the location of key customers means that we are able to provide a robust and resilient business continuity strategy.

We’re proud to say that Jade Star connectivity was maintained with no disruption to service through the Christchurch earthquakes of 2010 and 2011.

Secure Private Network

Jade Star resides on servers operated by Jade Software Corporation in Auckland. Jade maintains secondary servers in their Christchurch datacentre which mirrors the primary servers in Auckland.

The Auckland and Christchurch datacentres are connected through a secure, resilient private network that can operate across any telecommunication provider’s network. 

Notifications & Minimising Disruptions

Planned Outages

From time to time, Fusion5 need to schedule system outages. This may be for an application upgrades, system or environmental software upgrades, or hardware upgrades or maintenance.  

You will be notified of planned outages in advance, and these outages will be scheduled outside core business hours. 

Unplanned Outages

In the event of an unplanned outage affecting the Auckland datacentre, Jade’s networking team will  switch over to the Christchurch datacentre if the issue cannot be resolved in an acceptable timeframe.

Jade and Fusion5 are acutely aware that payroll is time critical and we endeavour to keep any disruption to an absolute minimum. 

Disaster Recovery

Independent Backup

The Auckland and Christchurch servers have independent backup and data verification processes, with the respective backup media being stored securely off-site at each location.

2nd & 3rd Generation 

Second and third generation backup cartridges are stored off-site and available for restore and roll forward if required. 

System Restore

In the event of a system restore, our system recovery procedures include disaster recovery services, automatic recovery, roll forward, and recovery from transaction logs. 

Connection Options

The majority of Jade Star clients use an internet connection to access the Jade Star servers, with a handful of clients using dedicated private lines or other non-internet-based network connections. 

Internet base connection

In the event that the Auckland datacentre is unavailable, those clients using internet-based connections will be automatically connected to the Christchurch servers.

Non Internet Connection

Clients using non-internet connections will need to contact Fusion5 prior to the need arising to organise an alternate method of maintaining the Jade Star connection during an Auckland outage. 



Will we lose any data as the service switched between Auckland & Christchurch?

As users save and update data in Jade Star, the information is replicated on the Christchurch server in as close to real time as possible.

In the event of the secondary servers in Christchurch coming online as the primary server, it is possible that some data may not be transferred but this is likely to be data entered within minutes of the Auckland server going offline. 

How long does it take to switch between Auckland & Christchurch servers? 

The process of switching between the primary and secondary server can take approximately 30 minutes. However, we should point out that in the event of an unplanned outage, the technical teams need to investigate the cause and look to resolve the issue prior to deciding to switch servers as a last resort. During this investigation and switch-over time, the Jade Star environments may be unavailable.

Fusion5 will endeavour to keep clients informed of progress by email where possible. 

What if we can’t connect to the internet? 

Internet-based connections to Jade Star are dependent on your client network and internet connection being available.

In the event that your own network and / or internet connection are unavailable, you should contact your IT provider to arrange an alternative connection.  

Will we still be able to print from Jade Star? 

Yes, direct and File Handler printing will continue to be available.  

Direct Printing

Direct printing means that the local printer is selected as a report is being run — the output is not available through the File Handler.  

File Handler

File Handler printing uses the ‘Defer Immediate Printing’ output option and the output is available for later printing.  

Will Self Service still be available? 

Yes, the Jade Star Self Service application will also be available through the secondary server in Christchurch and will be accessible through your internet / network connection. 

Where can I find out more about Jade’s Synchronised Database Service (SDS)? 

Jade Software Corporation’s has a Synchronised Database Service (SDS)