Jade Star is a Payroll & Human Resources     Solution for New Zealand businesses


Jade Star delivers the highest standard of accuracy and reliability, every payday.  Jade Star enables customers across virtually every industry sector to deliver mission critical HR and Payroll processing and management. 


Benefit from improved business processes & productivity gains.

Managing people is mission critical. Jade Star does it for you!


Jade Star is designed to handle the complex requirements of medium to large organisations in NZ.  Jade Star is a complete, easily integrated HR and Payroll solutions.

Flexible & configurable solution

JADE STAR Is compliaNT with Legislative Changes

Jade Star is a Payroll Solutions that is date driven to support backpay calculations, future remuneration amendments, and future organisational changes.

  • Flexible General Ledger (GL) costing and interfaces.
  • Scalable for medium to large organisations.
  • Easily manages complex requirements.

Our Outsourced Payroll Services are managed and run by our Payroll Services Team.

Flexible Leave Rules

supporting complexity & diversity

All leave types can be managed in Jade Star: Accrued Leave, Lump Sum Leave, Non-Accrued Leave and more...

  • Annual leave is calculated based on the employee’s anniversary or an alternative date.
  • Employees with variable working hours are accommodated.
  • Leave types can be grouped and prioritised for payment in a specific order automatically.
  • Self Service provides online access to leave entitlements and history.

Reporting is integral  

Reporting is regularly enhanced


Jade Star offers almost 500 reports.  When Jade Star reporting functionality is enhanced an update is provided in Release Notes for each manitencance upgrade. 

Report Types in Jade Star & Self Service

Standard Reports

Standard reports are run within Jade Star depending on the criteria entered.

Jade Star Report Writer (JRW)

The JRW is a custom reporting tool which accesses every part of the system to meet your reporting requirements.

Quick Query

Quick Query is a web based reporting tool and dashboard with KPI reports delivered by Self Service to Managers.

Self Service Dashboards

There are a variety of reports available in Self Service, results are often displayed within the Manager Dashboards.

BI Module

HRI is a BI Module for KPI and Metric reporting.

Employee development & management


helping achieve your organisational objectives


Jade Star offers a comprehensive HR framework.

  • Flexible organisation / position set up, restructuring and FTE budgeting capability.
  • Recruit the right people for the right jobs.
  • Contract Management and Position Management.
  • Maximise the return on training investment.
  • Manage employee performance.
  • Identify employee achievements, areas for improvement, training needs, and performance and career plans.
  • Proactively manage Hazards and Incidents, Injury and Rehabilitation Plans.

Intelligent, cost effective scheduling

powerful automation recordS & processes COMPLEX contract rules

Jade Star offers flexible workforce planning and rostering for events, crews, teams, shifts and individuals.

  • Automatically applies the terms and conditions for roster rules.
  • Automatically calculates time worked, payments and allowances.
  • Eliminates timesheet data entry, through integration with payroll.
  • Errors are eliminated based on consistently accurate calculation rules.
  • Easily integrates with other time and attendance solutions.


Take control, go error-free, make it easy

Jade Star can be integrated with TimeFiler, which is built in the cloud.  TimeFiler is a smart and comprehensive time management application for medium-large entities.  Would you like to take control of your time and attendance? With no paper, no re-keying and fewer errors?  TimeFiler is a smart, time management system. No matter what industry you are in, it simplifies managing your employees’ time.

Online Access for employees & managers

improving & automating workflows & processes

By using intelligent workflows to improve business processes and procedures Jade Star Self Service offers easy, secure access to up-to-date HR data anytime, anywhere.

  • Empowering managers to make more informed decisions.
  • Employee access to update personal data.
  • Employee visibility of personal data, payslips etc.
  • Reducing costs with online workflow processing and payslips.
  • Eliminating typical data processing bottlenecks.
  • Automating HR business process approvals.
  • Event reminders.
  • Alert visibility.