Improve your business processes

Jade Star automates payroll and HR processes and the Jade Star team provides the expertise to improve your business processes. Jade Star is based on leading practices and offers a comprehensive solution which manages employees and managers.

We will meet your needs

Jade Star can easily be configured for each of our customers to suit their current needs as well as future requirements.  Jade Star has many tools that you and our consultants can use to configure the system to meet unique business requirements.

Focus on core business activities

With Jade Star you can be confident that your people management functions are operating with optimum efficiency giving you the time to focus on your core business activities.  

Scalable & future-proofed

Jade Star is fully scalable; from a single user to a comprehensive strategic tool for a large organisation. Every level of the business can use and gain benefit from Jade Star; its power and flexibility enables you to harness its full potential incrementally as your business evolves.

Business Continuity Planning

Jade Star has a wide range of clients across New Zealand who rely on us to process their payrolls, manage their human resources data, and do it in a timely and reliable manner. We take this responsibility very seriously.

We have a number of strategies in place to reduce the impact on clients, in the event of a disaster or other unforeseen adverse event.


Environment Security

Jade Star takes measures to ensure the security and integrity of the Jade Star production and test environments.