Why Jade Star?


Jade Star is designed & Developed for New Zealand Businesses

Jade Star is a comprehensive payroll solution, with automated payment rules, that easily accommodates future workforce changes.  Jade Star reduces manual processes and provides critical management information.  Jade Star delivers HR tools that provide a high degree of functionality.  

With Jade Star you can be confidence that your HR provider is responsive and committed to delivering your mission critical services.

Key features & powerful modules developed for the New Zealand market.

Benefit from improved business processes & productivity gains.

Managing people is mission critical. Jade Star does it for you!

With a 20 year history, Jade Star provides an integrated HR and Payroll solution designed to handle the complex requirements of medium to large businesses in NZ.

We deliver a uniquely integrated people solution

Manage people seemlessly. Be more productive. Support your business.

Jade Star offers payroll management, outsourced payroll services, leave management, employee Self Service, Health & Safety, date-effective transactions, and organisation & position management.

Comprehensive People Management Solution

Automate processes and your people's performance with New Zealand's most comprehensive People Management solution.

Information at your fingertips

Improve communication, workflows and the convenience of access to information by providing anytime, anywhere access to the system with Self Service.


Increase efficiency and accuracy

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your payroll processes, by engaging an HR solution that delivers greater value.

Control Absenteeism

Control your employee absenteeism and the associated costs easily with Jade Star Self Service.

Jade Star is native to the New Zealand market. Jade Star's sister product, EmpowerHR, is native to the Australian market.

Managing people is mission critical

JADE STAR is a fully integrated people solution

Your organisation may be large and complex, but does that mean your payroll and human resources solution can’t be simple to use?

Jade Star is a proven industry-leading solution designed and developed for the complex corporation. Jade Star is flexible, scalable and easy to use.  As well as offering great value, it is also New Zealand's most comprehensive people management solution.

Key features & powerful modules developed specifically for NZ.

Benefit from improved business processes & productivity gains.

We help businesses innovate, grow & profit


Here's what our customers have to say


There are a selection of case studies on our Fusion5 website. You can also view specific Jade Star success stories from KiwibankTe Papa, and NZ Ski.  

Kiwibank successfully manages recruitment, learning management, core HR, payroll and performance management with Jade Star. Jade Star rostering brings efficiency savings and risk mitigation to Te Papa and delivers NZ Ski a faster, flexible and more efficient solution.

We can really manage our HR requirements and move on from error fixing and manual adjustments and processes
— Phillippa Wightman | HRIS Manager | Kiwibank
The Fusion5 team have been very good at communicating and when issues are raised they have ensured prompt attention
— Joanne Kwok | Jade Star Administrator | Te Papa
We now have a payroll / HR system that provides a much greater level of reporting; our operations team has noticed immediate results
— Jill Barr | Finance Manager | NZ Ski
The Jade Star team had and still have today, solid skills and can contribute in so many ways; they are always happy to listen to our ideas and the people-fit with Kiwibank is great. One of the fantastic pieces of the relationship is the willingness of Fusion5’s Jade Star team to work with our other HR solution developers. It means that we as a business don’t need to get involved from a tech speak perspective and Fusion5 will talk to third-party developers on our behalf to assist with linking our environments.” We are an advocate of Fusion5’s Jade Star; it is reliable and does exactly what we want it to do.
— Phillipa Wightman | HRIS Manager | Kiwibank
...face-to-face meetings with the Developers at critical stages of the project were arranged. The Fusion5 team have been very good at communicating and when issues are raised they have ensured prompt attention. The iHelp online helpdesk has been a fantastic resource as it has enabled the easy tracking of progress.
— Joanne Kwok | Jade Star Administrator | Te Papa
Patience, listening and feedback amongst the project team including Fusion5 has assisted in managing the change greatly. We now have a solution that has been accepted and our users over time will become proficient using it.
— Joanne Kwok | Jade Star Administrator | Te Papa
NZ Ski went to market after making the decision we had to replace MYOB. We were looking for a system that could functionally deliver all the things we needed. Our requirements included being able to deal with the volumes of employees we have adequately, and cater to the seasonal nature of our industry. It had to easily and efficiently sign up new employees then terminate at the end of the season without a long unnecessary process, and it needed to be within our budget. Jade Star met all those things and more.
— Jill Barr | Finance Manager | NZ Ski
We are now getting fantastic feedback from the team in the field who use Jade Star Self Service; the ease of use and the information our people have makes parts of their role much easier.
— Jill Barr | Finance Manager | NZ Ski
Our HR Hub (Self Service) is loved by our people. We greatly appreciate that we are paid accurately and on time every time. The Jade Star system links into other areas of the bank and provides a true HRIS, not only payroll, and it links seamlessly to other areas of our IT infrastructure and systems.
— Phillipa Wightman | HRIS Manager | Kiwibank
Jade Star gives us the ability to customise the solution to meet Kiwibank’s processes. Not all HR systems are capable of doing that easily. There were some unique and site specific developments too.
— Phillipa Wightman | HRIS Manager | Kiwibank
We love the Fusion5 structure and the personal service we have received. The project and account management methodology works for us. Having a one to one relationship between our subject matter expert Adrian and Fusion5’s Stan has been very successful. Then adding value to the implementation by having a dedicated project manager to handle the strategic communications, timelines and planning, and Account Management has meant that the communication process has been seamless and well-coordinated. Picking up the phone to discuss the project has been easy and the Fusion5 team is always contactable.
— Jill Barr | Finance Manager | NZ Ski
Every payroll we did under NZ Post was a nightmare. Our phones would run hot with many queries and errors. In 2009 we implemented Jade Star. When we went live on Jade Star the experience was extremely positive. We had ourselves ready for the influx of phone calls… but they never came! We had to check to see if we had actually paid our people. It was almost as though someone had turned the tap off. Now we could really manage our HR requirements and move on from error fixing and manual adjustments and processes.
— Catherine Taylor | Group Manager - People and Business Services | Kiwibank

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Jade Star can be delivered to your employees by Cloud5.  Cloud5 hosts a selection of Jade Star customers.


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At Fusion5, we believe support should be local  


Our Jade Star Helpdesk and Customer Success Team are based in New Zealand and our Payroll Services team is based in Australia.


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