Intelligent, cost effective scheduling

powerful automation recordS & processes COMPLEX contract rules

Jade Star offers flexible workforce planning and rostering for events, crews, teams, shifts and individuals.

  • Automatically applies the terms and conditions for roster rules.
  • Automatically calculates time worked, payments and allowances.
  • Eliminates timesheet data entry, through integration with payroll.
  • Errors are eliminated based on consistently accurate calculation rules.
  • Easily integrates with other time and attendance solutions.


Take control, go error-free, make it easy

Jade Star can be integrated with TimeFiler, which is built in the cloud.  TimeFiler is a smart and comprehensive time management application for medium-large entities.  Would you like to take control of your time and attendance? With no paper, no re-keying and fewer errors?  TimeFiler is a smart, time management system. No matter what industry you are in, it simplifies managing your employees’ time.