Environment Security

Jade Star takes measures to ensure the security and integrity of the Jade Star production and test environments.


We have a number of strategies in place to reduce the impact on clients, in the event of a disaster or other unforeseen adverse event.


Connection Options


Jade Star & Self Service can be accessed Via secure connections.


SSL-encryption & HTTPS

SSL-encrypted session over the Internet to the Jade Star thin client, coupled with HTTPS-secured access to the Self Service portal.

VPN (Customer owned)


Access through customer-owned virtual private network (VPN) secured by IPSEC 3DES.

Private WAN

Private WAN for some or all traffic.

VPN (Fusion5 owned)

Access through a supplied VPN (setup and maintenance provided as part of the managed service).

Environment & Data Security


Our Resident Global Security Administrator configures servers to best-practice security policy


Jade Star databases are hosted on dedicated servers where access is restricted physically and logically to authorised personnel only, on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Data is contained in a Jade environment which is backed up daily to both disk and tape with tape backups being encrypted and stored offsite.




All racks are provided by the managed service and are seismically braced for earthquakes.

A full-size empty rack contains 46-rack units, and there is a 1U patch panel provided at the top front of the rack.

A full rack cabinet measures 600mm wide, 1000mm deep, 2200mm high.



A 32-amp feed is supplied to the cabinet as standard.

A power distribution board is supplied in the cabinet (zero U) and this provides 15x10 amp outlets (C13) and 3x16 amp outlets (C19).

Additional feeds with additional PDU can be installed.

Each rack has its own breaker.

The power supply runs through an online UPS system.

There is also secondary UPS system with the same capacity as the first, which runs in parallel.

A backup diesel generator is also present for redundancy.


Each rack is locked with a combination lock, and the lock and key are held by datacentre staff.  The lock and key overrides the combination lock.

The building is very plain looking from the outside and is not branded with any logos.

There is a monitored alarm.

All doors are steel reinforced and all accessible windows are barred or covered.

Swipe card access is issued on an individual basis with staff subjected to background and security checks.

There is video monitoring and all datacentre access is logged.


The temperature and humidity are monitored by the process coolers. An alarm notification is raised if these surpass set levels.

These systems are part of the standard monitoring system and are maintained by key technical staff.


Twin process coolers ensure a constant temperature and humidity levels.

Cooling is provided by an under floor pressurised system.

There is full redundancy in the cooling.

Fire Suppression & Detection

The Fire Suppression system used in the datacentre is an Inergen gas suppression system, coupled with VESDA fire detection.

The Fire Suppression system provides an exceptionally high standard of fire suppression meaning any equipment damage would be minimal in the event of a fire.