Additional Details

Key Features 

All hosted firewalls are managed and monitored from Christchurch and Auckland with  24/7 support.

All server segments are at least one hop from any user segment (including internal support segments and other client users).

All external connection s to the core Jade Christchurch network must go through a firewall port.

Incoming internet traffic is restricted to segments supporting internet services unless an authorised VPN payload.

Internet Connections

Internet connections can be made using https and SSL connectivity with optional VPNs.

Non-Internet connections

Other connections can be made to the Jade Star datacentres using a private WAN link, frame relay, private IP, One Office, etc.


The Primary (Auckland) and Secondary (Christchurch) Datacentres are mirrored versions of one another.

Auckland Production Datacentre (Primary Server)

Jade Star resides on servers operated by Jade Software Corporation in Auckland. 

Christchurch Disaster Recovery, Development & Test Datacentre (Secondary Server)

Jade maintains secondary servers in their Christchurch datacentre which mirrors the primary servers in Auckland. 

Replication Technology

JADE system replication technology Synchronised Database Service (SDS) takes place over a private fibre-based WAN link.